Increasing Number of Greeks Wishing to Learn Turkish & Vice-Versa!

    More and more Turks are taking the decision to learn Greek currently, while  Greeks are interested in learning the Turkish language as well . History, culture, origins and emotional reasons push Greeks and Turks to learn each other’s language. Greeks learn Turkish in order to seek professional opportunities in Turkey. The General Consul of Greece in Istanbul Vasilis Bornovas, realized the Greek language and cultural interest by the Turks.  He opened a Greek language school in Sismanogleio Megaro, in Istanbul. According to the Greek Consul: “The first year of opening we had 50-60 students, but last year their number reached 200. This year we expect to have 500-600 students. As I am informed, Greeks express great interest about learning Turkish and in Greece there are 150 schools, while many people come to Istanbul in order to have lessons in TOMER (Turkish Language Learning Center)”.