New Cooking Show “It’s All Greek!” Premieres on ANT

    A new “tasty” show was broadcasted by ANT1 Satellite, ANT1 Pacific and ANT1 Europe.

    Maria Loi, one of the top chefs in Greece, presents “It’s All Greek!” Each half hour episode of “It’s All Greek!” goes out on location to experience the very best of Greece, both in sights and in tastes. She then brings it all together back to the kitchen, demonstrating her stellar culinary skills. Famous chefs Joe Ciminera and Kay Facatseli assist Loi while cooking and also are presenters on the program.

    It’s the first time that ANT1 Satellite Channels broadcast a Greek cooking show in English with Greek subtitles, giving the opportunity to younger generations of Greece to learn secrets of the Greek kitchen”, said Leda Papachantzis, program director of ANT1 Satellite.

    The show “It’s All Greek!” is broadcasted on ΑΝΤ1 SATELLITE every Saturday at 19:30, on ANT1 PACIFIC at 17:15 and on ANT1 EUROPE at 19:30.




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