Eurovision 2011 Songs for Greece (Video)

    ERT, the Greek broadcaster, will be airing today one minute snippets of the six songs which will be competing for the honor to represent Greece in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

    Six artists compete for representing Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011:

    Kokkina Halia – “Come With Me”, a rock song with English lyrics.

    Valanto Tryfonos – “The Time Is Now”, a ballad with English lyrics.

    Triimitonio – “Hamogela”, with Greek lyrics.

    Antigoni Psychrami – “It’s All Greek To Me”, a dance-pop song with English lyrics.

    Loukas Giorkas Feat. Stereo Mike – “Watch My Dance”, a song with Greek and Εnglish lyrics.

    Nikki Ponte – “I Don’t Wanna Dance”, a dance-pop song.



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