Albert Einstein’s Teacher was the Great Greek Konstantinos Karatheodoris

    We all know about Albert Einstein, the founder of the theory of relativity but how about the person who taught him and showed him the way to a bright scientific journey which would change the world? That was his teacher, Konstantinos Karathodoris. During one of his last pubic appearance Albert Einstein said, “You ask me to answer to all sorts of questions, but noone has ever wanted to know who was my teacher, who showed me the way to the higher mathematical science, thought and research. I simply say that my teacher was the unrivalled Greek Konstantinos Karatheodoris, to who we owe everything…” Indeed, it was a Greek from Thrace. He has not only been in touch with Einstein but has also hepled him to complete the theory of relativity. The world’s mathematical community acknowledges the  major offering and contrubution of  “Kara” , as they name him when it comes to the research of higher mathematics. He started his studies at the age of 27 and until the last days of his life he kept writing critics and scientific studies. His cooperation and communication with Einstein  for the theory of relativity is imprinted in the letters they exchanged, which know are  exhibited in the museum “Karatheodoris ” in Komotini. Below is an excerpt:

    “I consider your derivative as excellent.. at first I was misleaded by a slight error in  the second page. But know, I understand everything. You should publish the theory in this form in Αnnalen der Physik since physicists know  nothing on this subject, neighter do I. […] If you would  like to unfold regular transformations, I would be  a concious and grateful listener. If you could also solve the problem of closed timelines, then I would kneel to you. […]  A. Einstein”



    1. Shame no one has given Karatheodoris enough credit for his enormous contribution to the knowleges Einstein has gained that help him develop the great thory of relativity. But as many things in our long history of great men from Greece our country and its people rarely get aknowledged!

      Constantine L. Serafim

    2. why should they give him any credit, beside greece didn’t give albanians any credit albanians fought in greece against ottoman empire

    3. he was fascinating man, because he wasn’t a greek, greek race is imaginary, he was born in 1873 by that time greece had already hellenized albanians,slavs and turks because there weren’t any real greeks

    4. dear Kop,

      i understand that you are bitter for all that you and your fellow Albanians had to go through for so many years. I understand and i sympathize.

      Also please remember the Greek ‘filotimo’ which is the ethical value of human empathy on which an entire civilization has been built on, and please don’f forget how Greek families welcomed generously Albanians in their immediate families with little hesitation.

      Please keep an open mind, as you can’t deny Greeks (i.e. Hellines and Hellinides) and you can’t deny humanity of our history and our critical contribution to all through our Hellenic culture that will shine for ever.

      We’ve been here for thousands of years, not just for a few thousand that conventional history presents. As it takes thousands of years to not create 6 million worlds and 72 million derivatives like we did in ancient Greek, these couldn’t have just popped up just 3 – 4 thousand years of go from nowhere. We haven’t just gifted worlds to humanity, but also created the meaning and definition of those words and the content of the sciences that previously did not exists.

      So please show some respect to your routes, as you are also human and these are your routes too – or aren’t you?

      thank you dear Kop.

    5. Dear Kop,

      just saw your response:
      ‘why should they give him any credit, beside greece didn’t give albanians any credit albanians fought in greece against ottoman empire’

      we accepted and embraced your culture as if it was ours for nearly 30 years

      it’s your choice if you wish to remember the negative incidents of narrow minded people, and it’s our choice if we wish to remember all those little Greek villages where vulrenable old ladies were robbed and in danger by few Albanian people…

      at this stage in human development, is it really wise to act as if an eye for an eye and yet again be divided?

      or is it the time to unite and rise up to those who really oppress the masses & try to control us and have us against each other to serve the interests of a few?

      and is it time to finally leave our pettiness behind and move forward spiritually and grow into what we are really destined as humans?

      as a Greek (i.e. Hellinida) i believe we have the moral responsibility once more as a nation to bring light to this world and help everyone, just through applying the same ideals and concepts we created such a long time ago… see Plato’s work on ideal society… and to become an example.

      as it shown be know our country’s name is not Greece its Elllada. And that literally means El = light and lada = land of. So we are the land of light.

      with respect,


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