Greek Scientists Offer Hope to Cancer Patients

Three Greek scientists are trying to fight the disease of cancer. Greek nuclear medicine doctor, Aggeliki Polyzou, dean of the National School of Public Health, Ioannis Kiriopoulos, and Cyprian pathologist-cancerologist, Pavlos Drakos, found a new method prolonging life expectancy of those suffering from cancer. Currently there has been an increase in different cancer types.  Now these scientists offer a message of optimism, hope and victory in science.  The method, known as a test of individualization of every cancer type, is applicable in those cases where patients undergo an operation and chemotherapy. “It is really important to know a priori which medicine is proper for every patient separately, in order to do our best”, said Dr. Polyzou. Encouraging results have been remarked in stomach cancer, lung cancer, breast, endometrial cancer, encephalic tumour and leukaemia.