“LITTLE ODYSSEUS AND THE CYCLOPS” Cypriot Film Inspired by Greek Mythology

“LITTLE ODYSSEUS AND THE CYCLOPS” is a film inspired by Greek mythology, using the latest digital technology to create impressive visual effects. Based on the Homeric story of Odysseus and the Cyclops, adapted to modern day, it combines fantasy, comedy and adventure and will appeal to both children and parents, with its references to contemporary Cypriot society. The main character is an eleven-year-old boy from Cyprus named Odysseus, who visits the Archaological Museum and gets impressed by a statue of a cyclops – a one-eyed giant. Before leaving the Museum, he buys a small replica of it.

That night he dreams that he is ancient hero Odysseus, caught in a storm at sea with his followers – who are in fact his classmates Sophocles and Chloe. They land on an island and start exploring. When they enter a dark cave they suddenly confront a gigantic cyclops! But real adventures start when Odysseus paints the only eye of the little white statue of the cyclops and it comes to life… Three very talented Cypriots, all at the age of 11, play the leading roles: Christos Michaelides as Odysseus, Dina Kapitsi as Chloe and Christos Margadjis as Sophocles. Well-known TV actress Maria Michael makes her first big screen appearance as Odysseus’ mother, newcomer Alexis Demosthenous plays Odysseus’ father, and young actor Andreas Nikolaides also makes his cinema debut as the Cyclops, performing though a special role.

The film was produced and directed by Michael Papas, co-produced by Susan Papas and photgraphed by Minos Papas, with music by Tao Zervas, filmed entirely in Cyprus, in stunning locations and at the Acropole Cinema which was turned into a studio. The avant-premiere of “LITTLE ODYSSEUS AND THE CYCLOPS” was held at the Acropole Cinema in Nicosia under the aegis of the First Lady of Cyprus Mrs. Elsie Christofias. This first public screening of the film was absolutely successful, as the end of the film was greeted with warm applause.



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