Students Protest as Greek Ministry of Education Announce Plans to Merge Schools

    Dozens of primary and secondary schools are occupied by pupils and students after the Greek Ministry of Education released plans to merge schools across the country. In Athens, Crete, Thessaloniki, Trikala, Agrinio, Magnisia, Imathia, Kozani hundreds of students occupied their schools and hanged black flags.
    In some areas students together with their parents, entered in an angry mood education offices and demonstrated.
    Frustrated students say that they will need to cover a one-way distance of 18 km. to reach an education institution. Others stress that they will need double the time to reach their new public education locations.
    Teachers oppose the new bill as they see some 4,000 working places in danger.
    Locals speak even of economic black out should schools close.
    According to the new bill prepared by the Ministry of Education 1,933 schools will merge into 877 by September 2011, decreasing the number of schools by 1,056. Across the country there are 16,000 primary and secondary schools.


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