Kantzakis’ Ιntellectual Rights Granted to Patroklos Stavrou

    According to the Hellenic Supreme Court of Civil and Penal Law (Areios Pagos), the only inheritor of N. Kazantzakis’ intellectual rights is the adopted son of Eleni Kazantzaki, Partoklos Stavrou. The judicial decision of Areios Pagos gives an end to the seven-year-old disputation between Mr. Stavrou and the children of Kazantzakis’ sister. Eleni Kazantzaki was the second wife of the author, who adopted a child in 1957, twelve years after her husband’s death. In 1995, she granted, with a notarial act, the intellectual rights of Kazantzakis to her son. At the end of last December, the Ministry of Culture decided to form a commission for the republication of the Cretan author’s work. Mr. Stavrou is against this decision and has already appealed to justice.