“The Greek Orthodox Dispersion in Hungary 17th-19th Century” Hosted at National Historic Museum of Athens

    The Greeks of the first dispersion settled in Hungary.  Their contribution to the historic path of the two countries is presented in a exhibition.  “The Greek Orthodox Dispersion in Hungary 17th-19th Century” is hosted in the National Historic Museum of Athens.  The exhibition includes paintings, engraving works, lithography, manuscripts of the Greek church community, books, personal things, religious images, sculptures, newspapers of 1821 and 1826, church objects from museums and personal collections and everything is heirloom given from the families who still live in various Hungarian towns.

    The Greeks, who migrated to Hungary, were mostly coming from Macedonia and Ipiros. As they were living under the Turkish Empire during the 17th century, they had the privilege to promote the Hungarian products to their homeland and at the same time the Greek products to Hungary. The exhibition will be open to public from the 23rd of March until the 11th of June.


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