Greek Aviation Authority Threatens With An Indefinite Strike

    The Federation of Association of Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (OSYPA) has given Finance Ministry a deadline until the end of next week to pay wages in arrears. Otherwise Civil Aviation Authority (YPA) will proceed with an indefinite strike from April 15, which will cause serious problems in the conduct of flights at the start of the tourist season.
    According to an OSYPA extrajudicial statement, extra wages have not been paid to employees since last December.
    The amount owed by the Treasury to each employee is about €400 per month, while the overall amount reaches €2m per month, OSYPA head Vassilis Alevizopoulos told

    If the government seeks to save €22m annually from extra wages, it could keep the airports closed after 22:00 every day, Sundays and holidays, Mr. Alevizopoulos said. But if the airports remained closed in the peak of tourist season, it could cause losses of €1b for the Greek economy, he added.
    Government’s failure to pay extra wages on time is another case of informal payment cessation, although the relevant expenditure has been approved by the Transport Ministry.
    (source: capital)


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