Melina Kanakaredes is a Proud Greek

    She made her first appearance on stage, at the age of 8. Born in 1968 in Ohio, she is today one of the most famous American T.V. actresses. The T.V. series that made her famous was “Providence”.  With her role as Stella Bonasera in the T.V. series “CSI New York”, she saw her name nominated for an Emmy award. She has also played with Robert De Nero in the movie “15 Minutes”. Despite the fact that she is a very famous actress, she is a very sweet and friendly woman. She is also very proud to be Greek. She is now in Greece because she was honored by the American College of Greece with the Heritage Award for her contribution to the preservation of Greek culture in America during an event held at Athens Music Hall on Saturday, April 2, 2011.

    “I’m very proud to be Greek and that is why I never thought of changing my name. I try to visit Greece once in a year. Now, that my daughters are getting older, it is very important to me and my Greek-American husband, Pantelis Konstantinides, to show them where they come from. My dream is to play one day at Irodion. I believe it will be a very fascinating experience for me. The first time I watched a theatrical performance at the theatre, I was so moved that I started crying”.


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