23-Year-Old Commits Double Murder of YiaYia & Aunt in Glyfada, Athens

    Two women, 84 and 59-years-old, were murdered yesterday in their apartment in Glyfada. A 23-year-old relative, who lives in the same house, attacked them with a knife and killed both women. The police found and arrested the young murderer in the house. She was sitting on the floor, had blood all over her body and didn’t seem to be able to communicate. Her grandmother was found dead in the living room and her aunt in her bedroom. Neighbors, who heard the screams of the victims, called the police. According to what people of the area said, generally the girl’s behavior was not normal.


    1. I Actually met her before in America she was a friend of my fiends cousin. She was kinda dumb but didn’t seem dangerous at all. This is a shock. Sounds like a manic episode. Where are the parents in all this.


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