Greek Researchers Invent “Organic Aspirin”

A team of researchers at the University of Crete have created an “organic aspirin” that will help in curing several illnesses, including the common cold and flu.
This is a natural substance whose recipe includes three species of herbs that are native to the island of Crete, whose essences are dissolved in olive oil.
The organic aspirin is the result of studies and experiments conducted by Professors Ilias Kastanias and Hristos Lionis (both doctors) with biologist Stergios Pirintsos, in collaboration with the Agricultural Coop of Rethymnon and pharmaceutical company Galenica.
Despite the fact that all of the ingredients in the new substance are completely natural, researchers underlined that it is a drug and not an dietary supplement. After experiments are completed, probably next year, the three researchers will make a request to the National Drug Organisation of Greece (EOF) for a license to sell the product at an extremely low price, which, according to a condition set by the Agricultural Coop of Rethymnon, should not be more than one euro per package.