European Tour of “The Wall’ Rocked by Scandal

Charlie Gilmour

Roger Waters European tour of “The Wall” which will include Athens on July 8th  has been marred by unfavourable publicity surrounding the court appearance of Charlie Gilmour, the adopted son of Pink Floyd’s guitarist David Gilmour. The 21-year old pleaded guilty to violent disorder during London student street riots on December 9th, protesting against student fees. After appearing at Kingston Crown court, he was granted bail until July, in order to finish his Cambridge University exams.

Gilmour, who admitted among other offences, smashing a window of a high street store and throwing a rubbish bin at the Royal Convoy, issued an apology, describing his actions as “A moment of idiocy”. However, the former model from Billinghurst, West Sussex could still face a jail term for his unruly behaviour.


  1. What has David Gilmour’s adopted son got to with Roger Waters’ tour of “The Wall” ???