All of Greece Schedules General Strike Tomorrow

    Tomorrow all of Greece will come to a halt in a general strike called by the two major labour unions in Greece, ADEDY, which groups together the country’s public sector workers, and private sector union GSEE. The strike has been called to protest against new economic austerity measures promoted by the socialist government of George Papandreou.
    Tomorrow’s strike is the tenth since March 11th; the start of the procedure for Greece to adhere to the EU support mechanism. During the day a series of protests across the entire country is expected. At 11:00 a.m. local time, ADEDY and GSEE have planned a demonstration in Pedio tu Areos public park in Athens, while the union close to the communist party, PAME, will protest in Omonoia Square in the capital. Unions are calling for a new payment system in the public sector without any cuts to salaries and demand for the 13th and 14th month salaries to be reinstated.
    They have rejected new changes to employment relationships in the private sector as well as changes to the retirement age, and are asking the government to provide support to the welfare agencies, which are in the midst of economic difficulties.


    1. Until the public sector pay reaches the same ridiculously low level of a retail worker let’s say, until they have to work 7 hours a day + Saturday, they can stop complaining.  They have had it great all these years, working till 2pm, not working Saturday, making 1,500 a month and more in most cases.  Feel sorry for the retail guy that only brings home 700 a month, works 8 hours every day PLUS Saturday.  The ride is over.  Welcome to reality.

    2. I have seen spoiled children being pampered by their parents when they whine.
      But to have a whole country like this.

      Why do we want to have our institutions like Europe ?

      To go from the modern age to the stoneage.  That makes sense.


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