Violent Anti-Immigrant Riot After Fatal Stabbing of Manolis Kadaris

    More than 24 people were detained in central Athens in the early hours of Wednesday, following a violent anti-immigrant protest organized by a far-right group in response to the fatal stabbing of  Manolis Kadaris.
    Hundreds of hooded youths smashed apartment buildings and stores, shouting “Foreigners leave Greece,” hours after he was stabbed to death during a street robbery in an area of the city where many immigrants live.
    Riot police intervened shortly after protesters, many carrying broken bottles and clubs, began chasing and clashing with immigrants.
    Immigrants have been beaten and stabbed in many of the city’s squares over recent months. Several makeshift mosques, usually situated in garages or basements of apartment blocks, have been bombed, set fire to and vandalized.
    (source: DPA)



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