Greek Leaders Fail to Reach Austerity Consensus

Greek political leaders failed to reach consensus during emergency austerity talks on Friday as the EU warned that the country would get no further aid unless there was a united front on measures to reduce its massive deficit.
Following a four-hour meeting between Greek political party leaders reports in Athens said there was no consensus.
Far right LAOS leader George Karatzaferis told reporters in a statement: ‘Unfortunately, some people put their chair above Greece.’

Papandreou: “I Will Advance Alone Without Elections”
After the opposition’s negative response, George Papandreou said that he would advance alone without elections until 2013.
In a televised address, Papandreou said he would not proceed with national polls until his current term of office expires in 2013, and said he would continue to seek common ground with the country’s other political parties.
Athens has been warned by the European Union that it would get no further aid unless there was broad political consensus over the austerity measures and structural reforms that need to be adopted in the coming months, as was the case in Ireland and Portugal.



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