Tourism Investment Conference: Focus on Greece

A delegation of senior government officials, bankers, financial advisors and business people from the tourism industry will gather on June 29 at the National Insurance Conference  Center in Athens.  Those attending the Tourism Investment Conference will have the opportunity to analyse and assess the new status of tourism in Greece and its effect on the Greek economy.
The one day event, will feature distinguished speakers and expert panel discussions on the role of tourism and its competitiveness and sustainable development, as well as Greece’s potential to attract foreign and local investment.

The conference will be aimed at mapping the road ahead to facilitate investment opportunities in the hotel, tour operators, resort, leisure and related real-estate, and housing developments. Also, the delegates can hear directly the government’s plans to support the growth in the tourism industry.

Part of the conference will be taken up analysing the country’s comparative advantages and assessing competitive countries’ strengths and weaknesses. Also, there will be discussions on important marketing and promotional issues affecting tourism investments. This will include, cultivating strong media relations and communication ties with the Greek Diaspora, and the use of social media to promote Greek tourism.

Apart from making the case for Greece to become a year-round destination, senior executives are expected to bring forward proposals on how to attract investors and guarantee investments in what should be a stable and hospitable environment.

Although, the current situation in Greece regarding the tourism industry looks gloomy, the conference will bring together people from all walks of the tourism industry whose aim will be to pave the way for a more promising future for tourism.

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