Exclusive Interview: Steve Forbes Discusses Greek Economy and Offers Solutions

Steve Forbes, owner of the most powerful economic magazine in the world and a very well-known business man talks exclusively to Greek Reporter about the Greek crisis, the protesters that he faced in the center of Athens and offers advice to the Greek government to help rebuild the country.

“Europe and Greece discuss do we break the arm or we break the leg (of Greece)” says Mr Forbes.

“I think Grecee and Europe should do a better job to deal with the crisis”. According to Forbes Greece needs a massive reduction in taxation, a flax tax with generous exceptions while debts have to be restructured.

It should be noted that during his three day stay in Athens no Greek official or the Prime Minister tried to meet the media mogul. He could have been a great ally and help rebuild Greece’s image internationally, however the Greek government did not find time for a meeting with such a person who came to Greece to participate in summit for Greece’s future.

In addition the editor in chief and publisher of Forbes magazine talks about new media and the plans of his company for new ventures.

Watch the exclusive interview below: