Temenos Director George Koukis Talks Greece and Economy


We met a Non Executive Director of Temenos, a leader in banking software, at the Greek Power Summit 2011. George Koukis talked to Greek Reporter’s Lorraine Eyre about Greek Economy, solutions, and his company.

George Koukis

George Koukis is a self-made man who started his great entrepreneurial career having in mind to challenge the aphorism; “you can either build a Successful Company or an Ethical Company“.

A Greek who immigrated first to the UK and then to Australia, Mr Koukis set out to prove that you can build an Ethical and successful company or, even more, a successful one  because its ethical. He bought a small failing company and attracted some Venture Capital money to create TEMENOS. In 20 years, under his guidance not only did TEMENOS become the premier banking software company in the world but also one of the top five of listed companies in Corporate governance.