Nationwide Taxi Strike Scheduled Monday & Tuesday

    Greece will be taxi-less on Monday, the 18th and Tuesday, the 19th, as announced by taxi owners after their meeting midday on Saturday, July 16th.
    The Transport Ministry is promoting the full opening-up of the sector, but the owners, who have paid up to 200,000 euros each for a cab permit, are threatening with long-lasting action if the Ministry does not accept their demands.
    The strike will start at 5:00 am on Monday, July 18th, and will end at 5:00 am on Wednesday, July 20th.


    1. Ragkoysis it is to blaim as minister of transports for the situation in Greece that has as result the strike TAXI
      lymperopoylos they is chairman of association and gives fight for the workers  taxi
      The strike the taxi is continued who fighting with closure of harbours and airports.
      The fight TAXI it should they is who dynamic should this government fall resign Ragkoysis that is responsibility as minister of transports and brought the sector in impasse