Tragic Robert Sebbage Murdered over a Cheap Laser Pen

 As family and friends of Robert Sebbage, stabbed to death on the Greek island of Zakynthos come to terms with his death and grieve for a teenager who most say was “a nice lad,” the rest of the world must be wondering, How on earth could a childish prank lead to such a violent murder? Admittedly, having a laser pen shone at you which can cause temporarily blindness if it hits the eyes is a provocation in itself. However, Stelios Morfis, 21, the cab driver who has admitted killing him, could simply have walked away.

Robert Sebbage was taking his vacation abroad with his friends for the first time. At home, all of them were not known as thugs, nor were they any trouble at school. Robert, 18, had spent much of his childhood suffering from a medical condition that left him with horrendous stomach pains and sickness. Eventually, he had part of his intestine removed. Despite his pain, his whole life revolved around football. He was England’s football team mascot when they played in a friendly against Brazil in 2007, and there, he got the chance to proudly pose with David Beckham. His friends with him on the fateful evening, had all been close, they had gone through their schooling together and were now embarking on either college or careers. How then, did they manage to get involved with a man locals described as “an accident waiting to happen?

Stelios Morfis was found hiding in a relative’s home after the stabbing. He had tried to flee unsuccessfully, on a speedboat, which sounds more like the actions of a coward rather than the hard macho thug described by store owner Nikos Liveras, 52. Nikos, claims,  “Morfis was known on the island to have a short fuse and would explode at anyone for no reason.” In fact, Morris had been arrested earlier in the month for punching a man in the face. Other residents at the Laganas resort where the teenagers had been staying sadly stated, “The British youths had simply run into the wrong guy.”

Australian-born Louise Morfis, 45, the mother of the man accused of murdering Robert, is without a doubt grief-stricken by the terrible crime her son has committed. She has already placed a candle and a wreath where Robert, from Tadley, Hants, died last Wednesday, 13, July. She said afterwards, “My heart goes out to another mother, please tell her I want to hold her. No one feels pain like the mother of a child. We are both victims; she has lost her son and I have lost mine. For the rest of his life he’ll suffer for what he’s done…all he keeps saying is “sorry, sorry, I never meant it (to kill him)’.”

What she says, is true. Two families have been torn apart and four more young men injured, men who will carry much deeper scars for the rest of their lives. Why? Because of a cheap laser pen that can be found in stores for as little as  €3.