Unemployment Rate Rose to 15.8% in April

    The unemployment rate in Greece rose to 15.8 percent in April, up four percentage points from the corresponding month in 2010, according to figures released on Tuesday by the independent Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT).
    In a Labour Force Survey, ELSTAT said that the unemployment rate in April 2011 was 15.8% compared to 11.9% in April 2010 and 16.2% in March 2011.
    The number of employed amounted to 4,183,332, while the number of unemployed, amounted to 786,459 and the number of inactive to 4,365,072.
    The number of employed persons decreased by 240,567, compared with April 2010 (a 5.4% rate of decrease) and by 1,993 compared with March 2011 (a 0.05% rate of decrease).
    The number of unemployed increased by 207,736  (a 35.9% rate of increase) compared with April 2010 and decreased by 24,881 compared with March 2011 (a 3.1% rate of decrease).
    (source: ana-mpa)