Life Imprisonment for the Murderer of the Stock Farmer on Crete

    Due to a quarrel over a field, a 28 year old from Zoniana, Crete shot and killed a 62 year old stock farmer on April 6th, 2010.
    Father and son went to the farm of the unfortunate man at Mylopotamos, in Rethymno hoping to resolve their differences. However, the son who was armed with a shotgun, became angry and shot the farmer in both legs and then gave him a  fatal blow. After the crime, the 52 year old father, then called the police and confessed to murdering the farmer in order to prevent his son from being arrested for the murder. However, during the trial it was proved that the 28 year old man was the murderer and he was taken away to await trial. His father who was set free, was ordered to not leave the region of Rethymno until the end of the trial.
    Finally, the young man was sentenced to life imprisonment, while his father was incarcerated for 11 years. The trial took place with strict security measures because of the fear of a vendetta.



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