Results For Greece’s Population Are Out

    The provisional results of Census 2011 of Greece have been announced. A total of 10,787,690 residents have been censused throughout Greece during the period from 10 to 24 May 2011. As Hellenic Statistics Authority (ELSTAT) reported, results showed that 5,303,690 are males (49.2%) and 5,484,000 are females (50.8%). The final results for the permanent number of the population at the level of residence, will be available in the second half of 2012.

    Preliminary results showed that the five municipalities with the highest population density (residents per square kilometer) are: the Municipality of Kallithea (21067.6), Nea Smyrni (20740.6), Athens (16830.4), Thessaloniki (16,703 , 3) and Nea Ionia (15,109.7). The five municipalities with the lowest population density are: the Municipalities of Prespa (3.05), Zagori (3.78), Paranesti (3.85) Sfakia (4.11) and Nestorio (4.27).
    Census (1991): 10.252.580

    Census (2001): 10.939.605

    Census (2011): 10.787.690



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