Onassis Foundation Awards 216 Scholars, 2011-2012

    The Onassis Foundation announced that 216 scholarships are to be given to students who want to study in Greece or abroad in 2011-2012. Among them 180 are Greeks and 36 foreigners.

    The Foundation, considering the financial crisis, decided to award more scholarships than the initial plan appointed.

    All in all, 1823 applications were submitted for the scholarships designated for Greeks. Of these, 180 were agreed upon by the Board of Directors. Of these accepted, 108 were for Master’s studies abroad, 55 were for post graduates at Greek universities and 17 were for the children of staff of the Onassis Group.

    The choice of foreign applicants was made from among 255 applicants. Of these, 10 grants were awarded for academics and regular professors at universities, 11 were awarded for all ranks of professors at universities including scientists and artists, 5 were for teachers of the Greek language and 10 grants were awarded to Ph.D candidates.



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