New Measures by Ministry of Citizen Protection

New measures have been issued to prohibit certain actions of the riot police and the Hellenic Authorities. According to a new law from the Ministry of Citizen Protection, stun grenades, or flashbangs as they are widely known, will now be prohibited at demonstrations, following the incident with journalist Manolis Kypraiou, who lost his hearing as a result of the use of a stun grenade (flash grenade) during the big protest of citizens a few weeks ago.
Another measure has also been adopted by the government, in which a new fence similar to that in Vasilissis Sofias Str. will soon be erected opposite the “Indignants” who still remain in Syntagma Square.
No prohibitions were made by the Ministry regarding the use of tear gas, which the Hellenic Police will continue to be allowed to use, although there has also been great protests and opposition to its continued use.


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