Scopian Goalkeeper: There Can Be No Other Macedonia!

    Martin Bogatinov, Scopian goalkeeper of the Karpaty Lviv team,  two days before playing in Touba, Thessaloniki with the Greek football team PAOK, made provocative statements on the official website of the Ukrainian team he will be playing.
    He said that Greece and “Macedonia” are two different countries and the fact that there is a region in Greece called Macedonia is wrong. There can be no other Macedonia, as he says.
    However, when asked if the fact that the PAOK players are also called Macedonians is another motive to win the match, he noted that he did not confuse politics with football. In addition, he claimed that there was no conflict between the two peoples as, for example, many Scopians choose to spend their vacation in Greece. (Source: )


    1. The vast majority of Historians, Scientists, Geneticists, Archeologists and Biblical scholars strongly disagree with this footballer.

    2. He should stick to kicking the ball around the field and leave the politicking and ersatz history lessons to those who know better than he.

    3. Martin Bogatinov is’nt this a Bulgarian or Russian name in origin it does not sound like Alexandros or Philipos or Perdicas now does it.

      Alexandros or Philipos or Perdicas have Greek meanings as Makedonia is only Greek in it’s Origin which also has a Greek Meaning.

      What does Bogatinov mean and in which language?

      Well i just looked at the meaning of the name Bogatinov and the first part of the name Bog means God in Bulgarian, Russian and Serbian. Very Slavic don’t you think?

      Where as on the ancient Macedonian tombs, inscriptions to the word God is Theos.

      And just a little lesson in history Mr Bogatinov from Vardarska / Alburia / Wannabia or perhaps Northern Africa if that can be. The scholars know the real facts.

      German museum man says Alexander the Great was mainly

      “Alexander was basically a Greek and in no case a forefather

      of today’s Slavic Macedonians,” the director of Reiss-Engelhorn Museum, Alfred
      Wieczorek, told the German Press Agency dpa. “Macedonians and Greeks understood each others, as they spoke the same language.”

      Slavs began arriving from Asia in the 6th century, a millenium after Alexander died. These were the predecessors of Slavic
      Macedonians, who represent a three-quarter majority in the former Yugoslav republic, which has a significant, 25-per cent Albanian minority.

    4. Makes me laugh out loud. The hysteria in the south will be your downfall. Aetos you clown,Alburia/Wannabia?? Historical fact for you my uneducated friend….AtheNs was a swamp with 6000 Albanians when your country “liberaTed’ itself from the Turks IN 1821. Thats a fact that is undisputed. You and your muppet compatriots troll any website with a mention of the word Macedonia.Pathetic. I hope it makes your miserable lives even more miserable.. 


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