Greeks Continue to Prefer Foreign Products

 The economic crisis and the pressures from neighboring countries don’t seem to influence consumers according to a report from the National Statistical Service presented by the deputy of LAOS Kyriakos Velopoulos.

In 2010, Greeks continued to prefer foreign products, while Germany had the biggest profit.

The imports of alcohol in 2010 has reached 370.389.898 euros and were imported mostly from United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.The imports of fish reached 384.043.069 euros and were mainly bought from Spain, Italy and Netherlands. The imports of meat reached 1.085.430.770 euros mostly from France, Netherland and Germany. The imports of chicken reached 7.093.682 euros and mainly came from Bulgaria, Italy and France. Finally, the imports of olive oil reached 13.367.699 euro mainly from Spain, Italy and Germany.