Letter to Merkel By Macedonians: “Don’t Call Macedonia FYROM”

 By calling FYROM “Macedonia” on a Croatian TV Channel, Angela Merkel provoked Macedonian Unions’ protest who sent her a letter urging her to be more careful when using the term, noting that Macedonians culturally and historically are Greeks. The Bavarian issue was used as an example to make cultural comparisons so that Chancellor Merkel could develop some sort of empathy towards  Macedonians. “It is like another country doubted that nationally and linguistically the Bavarians are German” they letter stated, underlining that it is offensive when an EU state identifies the Slavs with the Ancient Macedonians based on unfounded scientific theories.
As the unions say, a region name which culturally and historically belongs to another nation for centuries can not be used by another country as this is against the human rights of the cultural Macedonian identity. 371 scientists from universities all over the world including some of the most important German universities are supporting that Macedonia and Alexander the Great is Greek.
 The letter also refers to the fact that even the former President of FYROM Kiro Gligorov admitted publicly that “We are Slavs and we arrived in the region in the 6th century. We are neither descendant of the Ancient Macedonians nor we have any historical or cultural relation with them.”

(Source: news247.gr)


  1. Whats going on? now the modern day ‘Greeks’ are macednians? Modern day ‘Greeks’ are related to people that existed 3000 years ago….? You people live in fairy land. When will you people wake up to the crap thats being fed to you. l think more importantly you need to fix up your bankrupt economy! and start working hard like the rest of the world.
    Please think about what l’ve said over a turkish coffee


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