Cab Strike Ushers in New Protests

    The first reactions are starting to emerge to the decision taken by the Greek cabinet which – in response to pressure applied by the representatives of the troika (IMF, EU and ECB) – yesterday decided to speed up privatisations, to swiftly and decisively deal with the problems of the public administration and to promote mergers or the closure of useless state bodies and to completely deregulate all closed-off professions.
    The first to pick up the fight again were taxi drivers and owners (approximately 30,000 people) who, opposing the de-regularisation of their profession, called a 24 hour strike following the one that lasted almost two weeks that was carried out last month.
    According to the Ana press agency, the strike will start tomorrow morning at 5am local time and will end at 5am on Friday. Tomorrow there will also be a general assembly of the union of taxi drivers that will examine the latest developments of the situation and decide what direction to follow.

    Fines For Illegal Taxi License Transactions
    The taxi market would be open, but in case of an overabundance of applications for license, then there might be some time constraints in the authorization process, said Infrastructure and Transport Minister.
    Yiannis Ragousis also told reporters that tax audits would take place regarding past license transactions, while those who sold licenses but never declared the money would be fined.
    “The audit will go back as far as the Constitution allows,” said Yiannis Ragousis.
    Regarding the 24-hour strike of taxi drivers on Thursday, the Minister said that the taxi owners have worsened their relations with Greek society during summer strikes and protests.
    Besides strike, taxi drivers will hold a general meeting on Friday, while they also plan protest at the Thessaloniki International Fair.


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