Remap “Re-defines” in Athens

In spite of the problems that the historical center of Athens has faced, art still triumphs. The international art programme Remap intends to be hosted at Keramikos-Metaksourgio in Athens.

25 international and domestic galleries are going to present not only the artworks of many artists but also projects that have been edited by art critics, artists or professional artists.

The projects of the Johann Koenih gallery in Berlin, that presents artworks of the artist Johannes Wohnseifer and the Transmission Gallery are undoubtedly going to gain the attention of the Greek audience.

The place of exhibition will function as an open studio, where every artist can be involved in the social and artist network of Athens and Remap.

The exhibition presents the 4 discernible approaches of the artists, that have in common the immediacy of expression.
Finally except for the galleries, there are also 25 projects that are going to be presented, edited by autonomous editors, artists and organisations.