Bgenopoulos Lashes Out at Bardinogiannis

Andreas Bgenopoulos lashed out at Giannis Bardinogiannis yesterday during his 2-hours press conference and promised to stay on the side of Panathinaikos FC as long as it takes for the FC to get back on its feet.

He openly accused Bardinogiannis of assuming full ownership of Panathinaikos FC by purchasing all shares and asked him to answer for the 10.5 million Euros the FC had to borrow for allegedly building Votanikos Stadio.

In fact, as his interview went on, he “disinherited” him from his family by claiming that “the Bardinogiannis family did not leave Panathinaikos FC a week ago. It did many years ago. It was ‘Jigger’ (Giannis Bardinogiannis’ nickname) who left now.”

“Mr. MIG” (Andreas Bgenopoulos’ nickname) set 5 conditions in order for him to join in the increase of the FC’s capital stock and one of them was Bardinogiannis formal excuse for the FC’s poor financial condition. With an extrajudicial letter sent early yesterday morning to Panathinaikos FC, Bgenopoulos demanded an increase of 15 million Euros in capital stock, which will allow Panathinaikos to make it through the season and cover all of its needs.

Furthermore, Bgenopoulos suggested creating a “Green State” (Prasini Politeia) by transferring all parts of Panathinaikos in OAKA stadium and constructing a sheer football field of 40 to 45 thousands seats. The previous field in Votanikos area was an idea promoted by Bardinogiannis, in order to support his business interests, said Bgenopoulos.

Bgenopoulos concluded that the future of Panathinaikos FC lies in transforming the team into a company with a popular basis. Bardinogiannis responded to Bgenopoulos accusations and insults by seeking justice in court.