Labour Union Calls 24-Hour Strike on Oct.6‎

Greek civil servants on Friday announced plans for a new strike on October 6 against austerity cuts, adding that a final decision will be taken next week after talks with private-sector labour.
“A proposal has been tabled for a general strike on October 6,” said Andreas Petropoulos from the Adedy civil servants’ union.
“We are currently discussing this with (main Greek union) GSEE and a decision will be taken next week,” he told AFP.
“The government has two choices: either it changes the policy, setting the country free from the gallows, or gives the citizens the mandate to decide”, declared Mr Iliopoulos at Reuters.
Thousands of civil servants in Greece have seen their salaries slashed since last year in a government campaign to reduce huge public deficits.
(source: AFP, Reuters)


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