i-kamaki for i-Greek lovers

    When you hear the word “Greek kamaki” you most probably imagine a hairy Greek shepherd chasing after a tall blond Swedish tourist, asking her in a thick Greek accent “I love you. You love I?”. Well, that was in the good old days. These days, Greeks are not even bothered to get up from the couch let alone run after the object of their desire. Apple targeted this market “gap” and created an application making the life of Greek men easier-much easier. With only 0,79 Euros, this promising tool provides the prospective Greek lovers with over 200 lines to choose from, (that are constantly rated to determine their effectiveness) making the flirting procedure simpler and less time consuming. And even if you happen to be a bit “stingy”, you can still download the application for free with a smaller selection of “lines” to choose from.