“The Smile of the Child” Launches Anti-Bullying Program

    “The Smile of the Child” always fighting for the rights of children, decided to take on a new program organized by the EU regarding bullying at schools.
    The first meeting concerning the program was held in Riga, capital of Latvia.

    For making this idea a reality, “The Smile of the child” has to be in cooperation with counterpart bodies in Italy, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

    The triggering event of this program was the fact that there is violence among children at schools. This fact concerns all people involved in well fare and child protection.

    Although bullying has been existed for years, children are being more open about being bullied.

    The first step of this initiative is the research. “The Smile of the child” coordinates this movement and will go on. Although the current period brings great difficulties because of the financial crisis, the organization has no intention to stop helping.


    1.  I am in need of help and do not know whom to talk to. My children are in the Greek school system and are being bullied daily by the teachers and children. We were told that when our child has a issue our child is to speak to the teacher and if no help then go to the principal. Our 6 year old daughter has been abused physically and emotionally. She has told both the teacher and principal who responds with telling her “kids will be kids” or simply that “they don’t believe her”. She has had food thrown such as salads in her hair too a boy smacking her daily. She is constantly yelled at by her teacher and when yelled at to the point she begins to cry her teacher then yells more and threatens her to not be able to go to her next destination until she reveals why she was crying. It is a struggle to get her to go to school daily due to her fear of both staff and children. 3 weeks ago she stopped eating until the 3rd day due to her feelings that her teacher is mean to her due to her weight and she is not overweight! She describes her teacher playing with other children but when my daughter tries to talk to this teacher she tells her to go away. This has been observed by other children as well. Our 10 year old son is also in the same school. Both of our children are Americans, and he feels they are being tortured due to the fact they come from USA. They have lived in Greece for a few years now and are trying to learn both languages more focusing on Greek due to the school system is Greek. My son wrote a paper in class and when words were misspelled the English teacher decided the right choice was to humiliate our son by taking his paper and passing it around to show all the other attending children his mistakes and telling them while laughing “all these mistakes and he is American who speaks English” . We have the hardest time trying to get our children to get to school daily due to all of this and schooling should feel safe for children. They should have a want to learn foundation to have success as an adult not to be humiliated and abused! We do not know what to do as it seems this is acceptable in Greek school systems. Please if you know anyone that can help us let us know. We have another meeting with the teachers this Thursday but i will assume it will be the same as the last time we brought these issues to the schools attention. Thank you, Dawn