Tax, Custom Employees, GSEE, and ADEDY Members to Strike

    A 48-hour strike scheduled for the 27th and 28th of September was announced by the federations of tax and customs employees and the Ministry of Finance Employees’ Unions, due to the new measures causing a reduced salary scale for public sector employees.

    A meeting of the Ministry of Finance Employees’s Unions is scheduled for the 27th of September.

    The boards of the General Confederation of Workers of Greece (GSEE) and the Civil Servants Supreme Administrative Council (ADEDY) have alsodecided to hold a 24-hour strike in the public sector.

    It is scheduled to take place on the 5th of October and on the 19th of October.

    GSEE President, Yiannis Panagopoulos has stated: “we will continue to strike in opposition to the decision-taking of the Government and Troika.”

    ADEDY General Secretary Ilias Iliopoulos concluded that “the new measures will create 250,000 unemployed”, adding that in the past days the submission of 20,000 new applications for pension in the public sector took place.


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