Greek Parliament Passed Property Tax Amid Protests

Amid continuous fiery anti-austerity protests right outside the parliament, Greek lawmakers voted in favor of the new property tax, with 155 out of 300 votes, that will push even more austerity-hit Greeks over the edge of depression. With little thought for who should or should not be exempted the Greek parliament approved  the controversial new tax bill in a desperate attempt to lure Troika officials back to Athens, and secure the 8-billion-euro (6.95 billion pound) loan.

“It is the only measure that can be enforced immediately and produce results quickly because it does not depend on the tax collecting mechanism,” said Evangelos Venizelos, admitting that Greek tax officers are basically incapable of doing their-very well payed- job. The new tax will be paid through electricity bills (!) to make it easier for the state to collect.