Pinocchio – the Truth Under Our Nose to Benefit Autistic Youth

A collaboration between the Cultural Organization Municipality of Athens and the civic non-profit theatrical company, ‘Mythodia’ means that the much-loved children’s story, ‘Pinocchio’ will be brought back to life again.

‘Pinocchio – The Truth Under our Nose’, will be presented at the ‘Anna & Maria Kalouta Theater’ on the 14th – 15th – 16th – 21st – 22nd – & 23rd of October, with the revenues of the performances going to the Greek Society for Protection of Austic People.

The proceeds will go specifically to the Piraeus branch, for the establishment of a Center for Creative Occupation for young people with autism (a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain’s normal development of social and communication skills.)

All contributers and actors/actresses performing in this brilliant portrait of Pinocchio living in a contemporary society, have offered their time and efforts for free in order to help people with autism have better opportunities in life. It is also the first time that Greek theatres have presented one of the most popular tales in the world as a universal allegory of human fate.

For many,’The Adventures of Pinocchio’ written by Carlo-Lorenzini (alias Collodi), in 1883, conceals subliminal messages and speaks to the conscience of mankind along with the quest for wisdom and enlightenment. Indeed, the Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce remarked that ‘the wood out of which Pinocchio is carved is humanity itself.’ The production team and cast of Pinocchio – The Truth Under our Nose have set out to show their audiences that there is indeed some truth in this. Set in the multicultural environment of New York, the play, delves into the everyday routine of a modern era and reveals the secrets in Pinocchio that are there under our nose waiting to be spread amongst us…

Production Team
Translation: Elisavet Arsenian
Adaptation Direction: Nikos Chaniotakis
Costumes-Sets: Anna Machairianaki
Music-Lyrics: Dimitris Liolios
Choreography: Irene Karropoulou
Graphics: Nadia Argiropoulou
Executive Producer: Elisavet Arsenian
Communication: Lorraine Eyre

Akinola Samouel | Apergis Stefanos | Achilleopoulou Renia| Chatzaki Katerina | Griva Thalia | Kladi Anna | Kyriakou Panagiotis | Mougaraki Effie | Patsiani Katerina | Petridou Sofia | Raptakis Lefteris | Roussakis Giorgos | Savvas Dionisis | Thomopoulos Paris | Vaitsou Eleni | Voulgaris Giorgos

Cultural Organization Municipality of Athens

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TICKET PRICES: 15€ – 10€ youth ticket

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METROPOLIS:Athens:Panepistimiou 54, Chalandri:Platonos 1, Marousi:The Mall – Athens

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3-23, October, 2011, 5:p.m.-9:p.m.
Multiplex Municipality of Athens «Anna & Maria Kalouta»
Timokreontos 6A, NeosKosmos, Athens