Priceless Antiquities Seized from Smugglers in Thessaloniki

    Police in Thessaloniki have seized “priceless” antiquities of “major archaeological value”, arresting two suspects, officials said late on Thursday.

    Officers recovered more than 70 items dating to the late 6th century BC, include four helmets, gold funerary masks, a glass perfume vial, clay idols, metal vessels, pieces of a gold diadem, and an iron sword decorated with gold leaf, culture ministry officials said.

    No details were given on their provenance, but such items usually accompanied the burials of Ancient Greek aristocrats or royalty.
    The finds were taken to the National Archaeological Museum in Athens on Thursday for inspection by Prime Minister George Papandreou, who called the operation a “great success.”

    “We have an ongoing project to protect our cultural heritage and reclaim lost treasures,” said Citizen’s Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis.