Christofias: Cyprus EU Presidency will proceed despite Turkish reactions

Cyprus will assume the six monthly rotating EU presidency in July 2012 whether some wish it or not, President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias said on Sunday.

Speaking during the annual anti-occupation event organized by Morphou Municipality and organizations, President Christofias referring to the Turkish reactions regarding the Cyprus EU Presidency he sent a message to Turkish Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan and to Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davudoglou that whether they like or not Cyprus will assume the EU Presidency.
“I want to say to Mr. Erdogan and to Mr. Davutoglou and to all the rest that Cyprus will assume the EU Presidency whether they want it or not“, the President said.
(source: cna)


  1. Yes it was and was done delibretly to stop Turkish joining in, and now Greeks and Greek Cyprus been in EU is going to destroy EU, this is what I call it Karma, and if Turks are smart they will never join in and become slaves to Germans and the French, and certainly Turks do not want to be called PIGS G been the Greece in PIGS, EU is a sick Union of the World with cheating sick man of the Europe Greece and Greek Cyprus, I am glad this is happening to EU that is what you get betraying Turks, now lets see how you come out of this mess Greeks created for you, Ha ha ha ha     
    and yes EU deserves to be under control of Greek Cyprus who is no different than Greeks, I guess they just fix the accounting books and steal some more money from EU