Ministers of Unrecognized Turkish-Cypriot Government Use Republic of Cyprus Passports

Turkish-Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen reports that ministers of North Cyprus possess passports of the Republic of Cyprus despite their public rejection of the Republic of Cyprus.

The paper states, “Minister of Foreign Affairs Huseyin Ozgurgun stated at the Turkish Grand National Assembly’s (TBMM) committee on Foreign Affairs that 100 thousand Turkish-Cypriots are holders of passports of the Republic of Cyprus.  Turkish-Cypriots use the passport of the Republic of Cyprus to go to Europe with no border controls, otherwise a visa would be essential.”

It was made officially known that Huseyin Ozgurgun is a holder of Cyprus passport, himself. Other documents have shown that four more “ministers of North Cyprus” have passports of the Republic of Cyprus including Minister of Finance Ersiusn Tatar, Minister of Economics, Sunat Atun, Minister of Education Kemal Durust, and Minister of Health Ahmet Kasif.

The nationalist newspaper Volkan, comments the unique situation of the internationally unrecognized ministers and their passports, emphasizing that Asim Akansoy, General Secretary of the Republican Turkish political party, who has been director af Mehmet Ali Talat’s office, seeped documents to the press.