Former Cyprus Finance Minister Arrested for Sex Scandal

Former Finance Minister of the Republic of Cyprus Michalis Sarris was arrested yesterday in Turkish-held North Cyprus, charged of  having sex with minors, said police spokesman Michalis Katsounodos.

The Cypriot official was arrested while joining a same-sex party in a hotel room and was sentenced to a three-day detention along with two other Turks facing charges of “having intercourse against nature” according to TRNC laws.

The Republic of Cyprus Police has no connection with the detention, which was carried out in the Turkish-held north of the island. Legally, the arrest was made on questionable grounds since the Turkish-Cypriot police  and the TRNC are not officially recognised outside Turkish-occupied North Cyprus.

“However, the fact that he is in custody has been confirmed by the bi-communal joint committee on crime”, said the spokesman.

According to information, this is the second time the former Minister is being arrested in the occupied side of the island for committing the same offense. The first time his was arrested was six years ago but was not held in custody because no minor were involved in the case.

The former minister is a highly respected economist, who serves on several boards and was formerly the head of the Central Bank.


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