Full House and Strong Praise for ‘Pinocchio – The Truth Under Our Nose’

    The contemporary theatrical production of ‘PINOCCHIO – The Truth Under Our Nose’ made its premiere on Friday, October 14th at the Multiplex Municipality of Athens, Anna & Maria Kalouta.

    The play, a collaboration between the Cultural Organization Municipality of Athens and the civic non-profit theatrical company Mythodia, received a hugely positive and enthusiastic response from the audience due to its strong cast members and powerful messages about life and ethics.

    The story based on “The Adventures of Pinocchio” by Carlo -Lorenzini alias Collodi, depicts humanity with the multicultural environment of New York as a background. It delves into the everyday routine of the modern era, following faithfully the story of Pinocchio who symbolizes man, his course in life and how he can transform it and his surroundings.

    Most Definitely, the talented actors and actresses overwhelm their audience with their outstanding performance. They successfully manage to take everyone through the mischievous adventures of Pinocchio and bring to light much more deeper and more adult issues such as using integrity to defeat the temptations in life. The messages are depicted honestly and convincingly…take responsibility of your actions, develop a conscience and always be true to yourself.

    Attending the premiere was main sponsor, Mr. George Koukis, who said after the performance that, “It was a brilliant example of something being done unselfishly to help others less fortunate.” He congratulated Elisavet Arsenian, (Production & Organization) and everyone who was invlolved in the play and went on to say that, ” In this period of chaos and economic crisis, it was inspiring to see young people willing to devote their time and talent for something that would change the lives of others.”

    Mr. Koukis was in Athens to support the event in which all the revenues of the performances will be made available to the Greek Society for Protection of Autistic People and specifically to the Piraeus Branch, for the establishment of a Center for Creative Occupation for children and teenagers with autism.

    While Mr. Koukis was here, he also signed a book deal with Greek publishers for his new book, ‘A Dream for the World’, a book which is a synopsis of the many decisions he made a long time ago, and how they were applied to his real life. It is his account of the main pathways of his life which culminated in him taking the company, ‘Temenos’ from bankruptcy to world prominence. Its purpose is to inspire future and present philosophers of action.(Will be out on store’s bookshelves soon).

    Also in the audience were Stefano D’Anna, author of ‘A Dream for the World’ and ‘The School for Gods’, Nehir Otgur, Director at Sinedie International Publishing & Public Affairs, Ilias Parisis, Greek President Prostasian Autistic Society, Vaso Evaggelou, President of the Greek Piraeus Annex Autistic Foundation, the actor Thanos Kalioras, President Michaliniou Foundation, Mrs Maria Trikka, IXL Real Estate Development, Dionisis Bougas, ‘Training of Life’, Michael Mavroleon, A&M Architects, Fanis Sklimos, company INDEV Development-Programming-Design, Anna Demetriades, Representative Ticket-Hour.

    People can still catch this inspirational theatrical performance and support the Greek Society for Protection of Autistic People on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of October.

    TICKET PRICES: 15€ – 10€ youth ticket
    Tickets can be purchased at:
    PUBLIC: Syntagma Square, Piraeus, Glyfada, Ag. Dimitriou (Athens Metro Mall), Maroussi (The Mall Athens)
    METROPOLIS:Athens:Panepistimiou 54, Chalandri:Platonos 1, Marousi:The Mall Athens
    TICKETHOUR: www.tickethour.com