Italian Militants To Join Their Greek Comrades in Athens

    According to Greek blogs Italian anarchists have arrived in Igoumenitsa port in western Greece and intend to arrive in Athens and Thessaloniki in order to join their Greek comrades’ fight against the government.

    Italian militants are members of the self-styled ‘black bloc’ an amorphous violent anarchist movement that has become a trend at anti-capitalist demonstrations in European capitals. It is not the first time Greek and Italian anarchists cooperate.“Once a month for a year we have been taking the ferry to Greece for a ‘Masters’ course in anarchist violence.” a 30-year-old referred to only as “F” stated to La Republica newspaper.

    In fact, Italian militants who fought police during Rome’s worst street violence in years on Saturday were trained for the riot during trips to Athens  and Thessaloniki. For Italians it seems Greek anarchists are the Gurus of street violence.

    “Our Greek comrades taught us that urban guerrilla warfare is an art form and organisation is what really matters…We’ve wanted to smash everything up for almost a year. Now thanks to the Greeks we know how to do it. In Rome, we won because we had a plan.” he said. It’s rather ironic that the only Europeans that think Greeks are organized and even visit our country so that we can “train” them are people whose only goal in life is to burn, smash and destroy.