Former Cyprus FinMin Sarris Released on Bail

Former Finance Minister of the Republic of Cyprus Michalis Sarris was released on bail yesterday, after paying ca. €47,000 to the court of the Turkish-occupied part of the island.

Sarris is facing four charges: conspiracy to commit a felony, committing an act against the order of nature, and two incidents of indecent assault. The Turkish pseudo-state has the only legal system in Europe where homosexuality is still considered to be a criminal act.

The 65-year-old man had already spent 7 days in detention until his remand hearing started early yesterday morning. The court set bail at 120,000 Turkish Lira (around €47,000) allowing Sarris to return to his home in the government-controlled areas. The 65-year-old former minister denied all charges and is due to face trial on November 16, 2011.