Shocking Forbes Article: What Greece Really Needs is a Military Coup

“Instead of pouring euros down the drain, it would be much wiser for Germany to sponsor a military coup and solve the problem that way.”  No, this extract is not from a fascist blog. It is from Forbes magazine and it’s just another one of the provocative articles that follow this insane ongoing anti-Greece campaign of international media.

The article circulates a joke going around the financial markets at the moment that Greece’s only chance to be saved is a junta. “What’s so sad, or bitter if you prefer, about the joke is that, if we ignore the little problem of it being a military dictatorship, this would in fact be a good solution to Greek woes.” This “little problem” Mr. Worstall so cynically refers to, doesn’t sound very funny to Greek people who have already been through one dictatorship, from 1967 to 1974 during which Greek people suffered enormously.

In fact in two weeks time Greeks will be celebrating the anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic uprising in 1973, an open anti-junta, revolt that ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17 after a tank crashed through the gates of the Technical University of Athens. This revolt was the beginning of the junta’s collapse. What’s really ironic is that the junta was in fact the result of foreign interference and oppression by right-wing governments that simply didn’t care about their people’s fate. Thirty seven years on, Greeks experience a new junta, this time financial while the prejudice against them has taken absurd proportions.

Ever since September of 2009, the propaganda machine has been running at full speed.  The mainstream media provides Europe and America with a convenient scapegoat to exploit. Greeks are an easy target. “They are cash junkies”, “They are lazy”, “They are useless”.  All these stereotypes of Greeks being lazy couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most Greeks are struggling just to survive. Yes, there are Greeks benefiting from high and early retirement. Yes there are civil servants making 4,000 euros a month without actually showing up to work and yes some of them are getting bribed. But they are an exception, not the rule.

Numbers don’t lie. The national blues literally kill Greeks. Suicide rates have doubled since last year. Private sector employees work endless hours for 400 euros a month. Young couples don’t have children simply because they can’t afford to while thousands want to emigrate. The majority of Greeks are not, in other words,  chilling on the beach drinking frappe and ouzo.

But none of this matters to the leaders of the European “Union”. For them it seems that the question is always about getting their money back with maximum profit when it really should be about helping a country to recover since they are also largely responsible for its troubles.

Why don’t Brussels technocrats push the government to take money from those who are actually responsible for this tragedy? Why don’t they hunt down the country’s elite, the tax evaders, the corrupted politicians, the businessmen and the ship owners who made trillions at the expense of ordinary Greeks? Why is it logical that the already deprived pensioners and workers have to pay for something they have no share of responsibility in whatsoever, when those who caused it still live in Athens exclusive suburbs, drive Porsche Cayennes, have their kids in expensive private schools and when they are sick they don’t run to overcrowded public hospitals but prefer private clinics that look like five star hotels?

It is the same people who now have hundreds of millions of Euros in off-shores and bank deposits in Switzerland and couldn’t care less if this country is going to burn down. In fact, they would probably prefer Greece to go bankrupt  and return to the drachma as they would buy everything off for peanuts!

It is as if the EU’s only goal is to turn the Greek middle-class to a new underclass and to be fair they’ve done an excellent job! And what exactly is the goal of this “rescue plan” and the “task force” that from now on will be permanently placed in Athens?

Will the “task force” actually force all these people who will not be able to pay their mortgages out of their homes and  make them homeless? Will they cut defaulters’ water and electricity and force them to die of cold and thirst? Will kids in villages be forced out of school simply because it’s too expensive?

Maybe the Europeans  should rename this plan to the “Elite Rescue Plan” because when it comes to pensioners and workers it sounds more like an “execution plan”.


  1. People of Greece we thank you for your courage, you are leading the way for those of us who are only beginning to experience what you have been going through. we the 99% of this world LOVE you… We support you, and stand in solidarity with you… 

  2. People of Greece we are pissed off by your constant whinging and bickering. Not taking any responsibility and blaming other people for your actions. We the 99% of this world think you are lazy, useless and live beyond your means and expect other people to pay for your lavish lifesyles! Now pay up what you owe!

  3. Ana Kaka are you fucking kidding me? How are the Greek people living beyond their means? They’re goddamn poor. 

  4. Just fair warning, the “99%” that a few people are claiming support you are actually a fringe .0001% of the 99% in a populist movement that doesn’t care what the other 98.9999% think or want. Their argument has been to take the power from the 1% and give it to their .0001% instead, because radical fringe groups have such a great history of making things better in governments…

    You are correct that the tax inequality needs to be dealt with, and it needs to be handled across the EU and in the US, China and Japan. Everywhere the wealthy might move to needs to fairly tax before the problem can be solved. The problem with progressive tax systems is exactly what you’re seeing, that they can easily be gamed to end up paying a lot less tax than is really owed. That said, the austerity riots are what has put you in a bad light, the media has only taken this and run with it.

    Both the US and Greece need to knuckle down, take the cuts to their massive benefits/welfare/insert-euphemism systems and reform their tax systems to eliminate wealth-exploitable exemptions across the board. For both, this will require dramatic government overhaul first. I know in the US it requires congress doing things that are financially disadvantageous to congressmen before the problem can be fixed.

  5. You gotta love it when the “concern trolls” light a bag of shit on the Internet’s front door and run away giggling. “Ana Kaka” is a nice touch, too.

  6. “Poor”!!! Are ‘YOU’ fucking kidding me??? From herding goats and riding donkeys to driving exspensive Mercedes in less than one generation explains a lot!!

  7. Although risky, a military coupe can be a serious and effective measure in restructuring the country. The Forbes article is no joke and has merit. Greece has become in effect a failed state with its corrupt political system where nepotism and bribery ouzes in every aspect of Greek life. This in effect creates at best stagnation as young eager talent in there respective fields never get a chance to shine in such conditions resulitng in an overall prevention of innovation and growth.
    Nothing will change unless a complete overhaul of the constitution and political structure in Greece takes place. For Greek politicians most of whom only have the ethos of self preservation this will never be accepted unless they are overthrown.
    1. Greece has the highest ratio of political representation to population in the western world. Country has 300 members of parlament for 11 million people. Comparatively Canada has 308 for over 33 million and is the 2nd largest country in the world.
    2.Politicians in Greece are in effect above the law as they can never be prosecuted for any political crime after leaving office.
    3. Almost one third of the Greek population works directly or indirectly for the public sector. This is completely unsustainable.
    4. Over the last 50 years Greece has been run by three well connected families for more than 30 in total, including the current Papandreaou who is the third in line in his lineage. Scary. Is that democracy?
    5. During the last military coup Greece had experienced the greatest GDP EVER as a modern state.
    The author of the article above also tries to put the blame game asking why doesn’t Europe force the Greek prime minister to end corruption and tax the rich. This is a very naive notion. Greece is a sovereign nation and there is only so much foreign pressure can do to mounting corruption. This is not to say that politicians in Greece are not willing to sell that sovereignty to fill there own pockets. The only way to prevent Greece from selling itself and its national treasures may be a military coup.
    The idea also that the Greek people suffered enormously during the past junta is laughable. This is the type of propaganda that brought forth the corrupt socialist government after the junta which was the precipice of the abbys that Greece finds itself in now. Many Greeks at the time didn’t like it because of the loss of some freedoms but “suffered” is excessive. In recollection many now realize what the junta was trying to accomplish. A proud and strong nation where its citizens had a future.
    Greece has had a long and proud history of true military patriots. Unfortunately it seems they are always imprisoned, or assasinated. Only much later are they seen for the great heros they were. Examples are Metaxa in WWII with his stance of “No” or “Oxi” to the Greek annexation by the Axis powers and Kolokotronis during the Greek War of Independence.

    The core of Greece’s problems is political corruption. Yes maybe a bandage can be placed on this crisis but in the end it will be the beginning of the end of a sovereign state unless something dramatic takes place within the Greek political theatre. To use foreign powers as an scapegoat for Greece’s woes only furthers the deflated Greek psyche as weak and powerless. Stop this type of rhetoric.
    Maybe a temporary military coup to restructure, although unorthodox may be the only viable solution in the end. The Greek military at least has always had a proven lineage of patriots and maybe, just maybe can restore a sense of unity and strength among the Greek people again.

  8. Let us All not forget that this is the birthplace of modern democracy !!! I would like to also add that yes thanks to Soros , Paulson , and other conspirators Greece is in this situation . Let’s not forgot the billions of of euros owed to the Greeks by Germany from all the damage they caused during WWII , show Greece the money Merkel . Those of you who remember Kissinger’s speech on how Greece needs to be destroyed in order for the new world order to succeed understand .Lastly , I think that the world should pat Greece on the back and thank them for all there contributions to the modern world !
    God Bless Hellas and the Hellenes !!

  9. WHAT A FASCIST HITLERESQUE SELFSERVING the bastard is who wrote the article. You would think a fair-minded professional who guises himself under the title of “author” or “intelligent magazine” would not have the nerve, gull or small-mindedness to put this article in print!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!! do you propose that after GREECE’S COUP Italy will follow etc… are you damn well proposing a THIRD world WAR??? Because if you are…. BRING IT ON IRAN, Bring it on RUSSIA…and if the poorer surpressed countries cannot provide a good defence with hardy military equipment there is always the classic “SUICIDE BOMB” war!!!!!  SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anakaka , you must be one of those blood thirsty Turks who is most likely embarrassed to admit your own ethnicity ! Tell me what have your people offered the world besides misery and slaughter ! And let’s not forget the miserable conditions in which your own government has set upon it’s own people !

  11. “The Greek military at least has always had a proven lineage of patriots and maybe, just maybe can restore a sense of unity and strength among the Greek people again. ”

    See, it’s exactly this error that makes fascism fail. When you don’t subject people to popular approval and instead judge them by their “sense of unity”, you end up with bitter, mediocre middle-management bullies. Then the government collapses again.

  12. Perfectly written article, truly described in details which is needed to be done to save the country from these corrupt politicians who looted the country’s wealth and still enjoying it’s benefits. Greece need overseas intervention to stop these looters who are still in power enjoying a healthy life style while other Greeks are suffering the crisis and others committed suicide because they don’t have the bare necessity to go with their daily life. A military coup is needed for all sorts of reasons but mainly to save the country and the Greek people from a disaster lead by the two major parties and their parasites. Finally, nothing will change in Greece for political gains and benefits. People who can leave the country should do as there is no future in this country anymore while the same politicians who caused the country to go bankrupt are still in power. Greece needs new blood of lawmakers to achieve what has been lost the past 38 years.

  13. He is absolutely in his right mind unless you want to live in a corrupt society governed by corrupt politicians supported by some parasites like you…


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