Humanitarian Aid to Greek Schools in Ivory Coast

    The Education Directorate of the Municipality of Thessaloniki will send humanitarian aid to schools ELLAS and ELLAS MACEDONIA in Ivory Coast.

    Besides the two schools teaching the Greek language to their students, the humanitarian aid mission will also support a newly founded orphanage providing shelter to children, shoes parents have died from HIV and may be themselves infected with the deadly virus.

    Furthermore, the new school built on the borders of Ivory Coast and Liberia will also be aided by Thessaloniki this year. This school hosts 1000 children in total, who visit the school primarily to be fed and secondary to be educated.

    Ivory Coast is a long tortured country. The most recent civil war lasted for 10 years and children living there eat only once a week.

    For those who wish to join the work of the Municipality, they can give their own “love gifts” until November 23 at the Education Directorate of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, involving stationary material, books, pens, notebooks, pencil cases, etc. as well as clothing and sports equipment, such as athletic shoes and simple t-shirts, medicine products with a long expiration date and disposable gloves.

    For more information call 2310-840295 and 2310-841962.