Film Director Dinos Katsouridis Passes Away

    Eminent Greek Cypriot director and producer Dinos Katsouridis died of cancer early Monday at the age of 84 in Athens.

    Dinos Katsouridis was born in Lefkosia, Cyprus in 1927. In the midst of the 50s’ he moved to Athens to study Medicine but soon found himself in the recently established Stavrakou School where he studied film direction and just six months later taught photography.

    His first major job in the cinema was as assistant director to Grigorios Grigoriou in the film ‘Pikro Psomi’, while later he collaborated with Spentzos as a technician in the film ‘Amartisa gia to paidi mou’.

    For the following eight years he worked with Finos Films as cameraman and stage photographer in 21 films, collaborating with some of the biggest names in cinema and theatre of the time: Tzavelas, Sakelarios, Avlonitis, Logothetidis and Stavridis.

    One of the most important points, if not the milestone, of his career was the period 1971-1972 when he filmed the movies ‘Ti ekanes ston polemo Thanasi’ and ‘Thanasi pare to oplo sou’.

    Through these two films which constitute landmarks for domestic cinema, Dinos Katsouridis put forth a firm message with implications against the seven years of the junta, whilst rendering the talent of one of the most significant actors of Greek cinema, Thanasis Veggos, in his extraordinary role of a wretched man characterized by defeatism, and transformed into a decent person with fighting spirit.