De Bosset Bridge of Kefalonia Island Collapses

    The restoration of the De Bosset / Drepano bridge in Argostoli may become a reality, since last night part of it collapsed into the lagoon.

    The De Bosset Bridge or the De Bosset Causeway is the largest stone bridge on a sea water body and has been in existence since 1813, when the Swiss engineer Charles Philippe De Bosset was employed by the British Army.

    Thanks to his contribution in the form of study and construction of the bridge, Monsieur de Bosset was appointed as Governor of Kefalonia from 1810-1814 by the British who reigned the Ionian Islands from 1809-1864.

    The disastrous earthquake of 1953 injured one-third of the bridge on Argostoli side. The bridge and the obelisk survived the earthquake, but like the whole city, it required major restoration using modern concrete building methods. The bridge remained the boundary between the sea and Koutavos lagoon and periodically, several arches were added on the side of the bridge of Argostoli to impart additional strength to the bridge.